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01:00 - 11.11.2016

November 10th, 2016
Published in The Nation
At the precise moment that Donald Trump was giving his acceptance speech, I was in a room packed with a thousand people in Sydney, Australia, listening to Maria Tiimon Chi-Fang, a leading activist from the island state of Kiribati. All day I had been sending e-mails with the subject line “It’s the end of the world.” I suddenly felt embarrassed by the privilege of this hyperbole.

01:00 - 10.11.2016

November 9th, 2016
Published in The Guardian
They will blame James Comey and the FBI. They will blame voter suppression and racism. They will blame Bernie or bust and misogyny. They will blame third parties and independent candidates. They will blame the corporate media for giving him the platform, social media for being a bullhorn, and WikiLeaks for airing the laundry.

01:00 - 07.11.2016

November 6th, 2016
Published in The Guardian
The short film I’ve made with the Guardian stars my son, Toma, aged four years and five months. That’s a little scary for me to write, since, up until this moment, my husband, Avi, and I have been pretty careful about protecting him from public exposure. No matter how damn cute we think he’s being, absolutely no tweeting is allowed.

01:00 - 05.11.2016

November 4th, 2016
Published in The Nation
The imperatives of the climate crisis and the logic of economic austerity are at war—and Washington State is on the front lines.

02:00 - 22.09.2016

September 21st, 2016
Published in The Nation

02:00 - 23.04.2016

April 22nd, 2016
Published in the Boston Globe
Get ready for some high-powered hugging. On Friday, some 60 heads of state and government will gather at United Nations headquarters in New York City to officially sign the climate change pact known as the Paris Agreement.

02:00 - 07.04.2016

April 6th, 2016
Published in The Nation

09:45 - 17.03.2016

“She says flat-out that she doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton on addressing climate change.”

01:00 - 21.11.2015

November 20th, 2015
Published in The Guardian
Whose security gets protected by any means necessary? Whose security is casually sacrificed, despite the means to do so much better? Those are the questions at the heart of the climate crisis, and the answers are the reason climate summits so often end in acrimony and tears.

01:00 - 19.11.2015

November 18th, 2015
Published in The New Yorker


09:11 - 04.08.2017

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10:13 - 03.08.2017

How do we recognize the urgency of this moment without throwing long-term political organizing under the bus?

05:47 - 03.08.2017

Activists Aim to Turn Sun Belt Into Front Line on Climate

03:27 - 03.08.2017

Why would I? He's a propagandist. I thought you'd want to know the background of what you tweeted.

03:09 - 03.08.2017

1. @jaketapper: the article you tweeted is full of crap. In my case it Ignores my extensive criticism of Venezuela'…

07:26 - 02.08.2017

From Vancouver, an inspiring glimpse into what electoral politics could be:

08:24 - 27.07.2017

Watching incredible cowardice in action as they try to shut down meeting because Desmond Cole is telling truth. See…


07:09 - 20.07.2017

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