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09:27 - 20.03.2018

March 20th, 2018
Published in The Intercept

02:00 - 14.07.2017

July 13th, 2017
Published at The Intercept
Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn discuss Trump, climate change, and the future of progressive politics.

02:00 - 14.06.2017

June 13th, 2017
Published at The Intercept
Shock. It’s a word that has come up a lot since November— for obvious reasons.
I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about shock. Ten years ago, I published “The Shock Doctrine,” an investigation that spanned four decades from Pinochet’s U.S.-backed coup in 1970s Chile to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

02:00 - 08.06.2017

June 7th, 2017
Published in the Boston Globe
Well, that didn’t take long. On Monday, the Trump Organization announced plans to launch a chain of three-star hotels to target the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump but could never afford his gilded hotels, condos, or clubs.

02:00 - 02.06.2017

June 1st, 2017
Published at The Intercept
Now that it seems virtually certain that Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, and the climate movement is quite rightly mobilizing in the face of this latest dystopian lurch, it’s time to get real about something: Pretty much everything that is weak, disappointing, and inadequate about that deal is the result of U.S. lobbying since 2009.

02:00 - 01.06.2017

May 31st, 2017
Published in the New York Daily News
Let’s just give up. That’s one way of responding to the reports that President Trump has decided to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

12:12 - 13.04.2017

April 12th, 2017
Published at The Intercept
United's stock plunges after video emerges of a passenger being violently dragged off an oversold flight. Pepsi yanks an ad that portrays police and Black Lives Matter-ish protestors making peace over a can of soda. Fox News faces an advertiser exodus after new revelations of massive payouts to settle sexual harassment and verbal abuse allegations against host Bill O’Reilly.

01:00 - 08.02.2017

February 7th, 2017
Published in the New York Times

01:00 - 25.01.2017

January 24th, 2017
Published at The Intercept

07:25 - 24.01.2017

January 24th, 2017
On Friday evening, Jacobin Magazine, Haymarket Books, and Verso Books co-sponsored a lively “Anti-Inauguration” event at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC, where Naomi joined an exciting lineup of speakers offering their take on Trump and the way forward.


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I love this piece by my sister (in law) @christineeboyle about how to run for office and hold on to your humanness,…

07:53 - 19.04.2018

While @JustinTrudeau plans to directly *invest* billions in a failing fossil fuel project. Something's very wrong h…

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The people of #PuertoRico are in the dark again. They deserve so much better than this. And no accountability for c…

08:35 - 18.04.2018

Lots of great folks are facing charges because they took non-violence direct action to stop the Kinder Morgan pipel…

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Except for 1 factor: the price of oil could go back up, and further conflict in the Middle East could help drive it…

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Very hard to watch this video now. So much of what is pictured in it has been destroyed by @EmmanuelMacron's govern…

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I signed this call for #JusticeforAsifa beginning with an independent international inquiry into her rape and murde…

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A little video I recorded on the weekend...


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The Battle for Paradise Naomi Klein Reports from #PuertoRico

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Naomi Klein | Free Audiobook

01:00 - 07.04.2018

The Battle for Paradise: Naomi Klein Reports from Puerto Rico

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Het nieuwe protesteren - Schrijver Naomi Klein

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Naomi Klein Interview on the Crisis of Climate Change 2018 Pole Shift

06:28 - 31.03.2018

Naomi Klein Attacks Cryptocurrency Investors Who Use Puerto Rico As A Tax Haven, Max Keiser Refutes

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How shocking events can spark positive change | Naomi Klein

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No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein is a MUST-READ

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Kim jest Naomi Klein? - Agnieszka Zell

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La doctrina del shock -castellano-.